We’ve been hard at work at the Automator Plus to add a few new automations to the automator 1.4.0. Here they are:

New Automations


New Automations

Insert Project Item

You can now insert any project item onto your timeline at the player using the Insert Project Item automation. …

Automator Plus Promo Video.

Have you ever wished that you could speed up repetitive tasks within Adobe’s Premiere Pro? Ever wished you could go and get a coffee while somebody else listens through a song and adds the beat markers for you? Ever wished you could copy across an effect from one video clip to all the other clips on the timeline with one keyboard shortcut?

Well, we at the Automator Plus have thought about it! A lot!

And rather than waste our time doing these laborious, boring, repetitive tasks we’ve taken a year or so to build and release…

New Taylor vs old Taylor.

Inspired by this Ted Talk by Colin Morris titled Pop Music is Stuck on Repeat I was interested in whether Taylor Swifts’ songs have become more repetitive over time. In the Ted talk, Morris talks through this essay where he outlines his strategy to quantify repetitiveness in songs using the Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) compression algorithm.

To guide my investigation, I looked at answering the following three questions:

You can find the Jupyter notebook detailing my full analysis here.

The dataset


I had a colleague approach me the other day asking:

“Can you teach me some Python?”

Naturally, I said:

“Sure, no problem”, and I sent him an hour meeting request.

The meeting came, and I found myself uneasy. Where does one start explaining Python in 1 hour? Data types? For loops? Anaconda? Capital letter conventions? Pandas? Numpy? Jupyter notebooks? Machine Learning?

The guy was interested in data ingestion, manipulation and visualisation, but showing him that you can read in a csv with pandas and you can create visualisations with seaborn easily didn’t give him or me a warm fuzzy feeling…

Managing virtual machines (VMs) as a data scientist can be tedious. If you are like me and work in a team that is not fortunate enough to have a data engineer cleaning, prepping and giving you your data on a plate with some garnish on the side, then you have to manage, extract and manipulate files sitting on various VMs. Logging into each of these VM to see if all the necessary files dumped, all the necessary packages installed and all the cron jobs executed on time can be a time consuming, inefficient and downright laborious task.

Luckily Python comes…


Data Scientist, Co-Founder Automator Plus, Musician

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